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Wood Fired Pizza Restaurant

Napoli Centro Pizzeria – The Tastiest Bardwell Park Pizza Restaurant

Bon Appetit' from Napoli Centro Pizzeria!

Established in 2105, Napoli Centro Pizzeria offers fresh & authentic Italian cuisine from Italy’s many regions from our indoor and outdoor dining areas. Located on Hartill-Law Avenue in Bardwell Park, Napoli Centro Pizzeria is open six days a week.

From our Neapolitan heritage, we offer these fine Italian classics

Antipasto & Salads

  • Plate of Prosciutto

  • Rice Balls

  • Nonna’s Meatballs

  • Baby Crispy Calamari

  • Caprese Salad

  • Rocket Salad

Pasta Dishes to Suit Every Taste

  • Lasagna

  • Spaghetti Carbonara

  • Homemade Gnocchi and Gnocchi Sorrentina

  • Penne Napoletana

  • Homemade Ravioli

  • Spaghetti Bolognese

  • Spaghetti Marechiaro

  • Penne Boscaiola

  • Garlic Knots with Mozzarella

  • Pizza Bread with Mozzarella

But, as a leading wood fired pizza restaurant, Napoli Centro Pizzeria offers these delectable pizza selections – from traditional to woodfire oven and Neapolitan style –

  • Pizza Bruschetta

  • Marinara

  • Margherita

  • Alici

  • Capricciosa

  • Diavolina

  • Siciliana (V)

  • Prawn

Plus, these special pizza offerings, some of which are offered gluten-free -

  • Wrecking Ball – pork sausage, gorgonzola cheese & eggplant

  • Sofia Loren – salami and ricotta

  • Bardwell Park – ham, salami, sausage

  • Vegetarian – eggplant, mushroom, eggplant

  • Pizza Prosciutto – with shaved Parmesan

  • 4 Cheese – plus mushrooms

  • Sausage and Rapa – pork sausage and spinach

  • Romana – roasted potatoes, sausage

  • Pizza Buffalo – fresh Buffalo mozzarella

Our dessert menu includes the following homemade options –

Ready to book online? Or Order online for Pickup? Order a Delivery by UBER Eats?

If you would like to speak with Napoli Centro Pizzeria, we can be reached by phone (02-9599-9711) or by email.

Follow Napoli Centro Pizzeria on social media on Instagram and Facebook.

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