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Pizza Delivery and Carryout

Bardwell Park’s Finest Pizza Delivery and Carryout

At Napoli Centro Pizzeria, we offer authentic wood fired pizza in traditional and Neapolitan styles. The following are traditional pizzas with a variety of toppings -

  • Margherita

  • Alici

  • Capricciosa

  • Diavolina

  • Pizza Bruschetta

  • Marinara

  • Siciliana (V)

  • Prawn

However, Napoli Centro Pizzeria is known for its unique pizza offerings

  • Sofia Loren – salami and ricotta

  • Wrecking Ball – pork sausage, gorgonzola cheese & eggplant

  • Vegetarian – eggplant, mushroom, eggplant

  • Pizza Prosciutto – with shaved Parmesan

  • 4 Cheese – plus mushrooms

  • Sausage and Rapa – pork sausage and spinach

  • Bardwell Park – ham, salami, sausage

  • Romana – roasted potatoes, sausage

  • Pizza Buffalo – fresh Buffalo mozzarella

Ready to book online? Or Order online for Pickup? Order a Delivery by UBER Eats?

If you would like to chat with Napoli Centro Pizzeria, call us at (02-9599-9711) or send us an email at your convenience.

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